With the colder months behind us, it’s an excellent time to get the family involved in a group service project. This is a great way to learn and grow as a family, help others, and help the rest of the spring and summer end on a high note. It’s all about helping your community, one huge benefit of supporting and being involved in the lives of those around you. Read on for some service project ideas.

Why Should You Volunteer as a Family?

As PsychCentral explains, when you make volunteering a family affair, the community and your family reap the benefits. Working side by side provides opportunities for connection, talk, and problem-solving that can strengthen family relationships. This is also a great way to see what each member of the family is capable of. When the family comes together to participate in a family service project, you get to see first-hand the skills each member brings to the table.

The biggest takeaway is the empathy it fosters. Hands-on projects take these thoughts and turn them into realities. Getting involved will give the entire family a much deeper appreciation for what they have and what others lack.

Service Projects to Get You Started

Now that you’ve decided to involve the family in a service project, where do you start? The truth is, the volunteering possibilities are endless, and can be as simple or as creative as you’d like.

Assist Local Seniors

Sometimes, one of the most meaningful projects you can do for someone is to give them your time. AARP suggests brightening the day of the seniors in your community by visiting your local assisted living facilities. Schedule regular visits, and bring fun activities such as board games, books, care packages, and home-baked treats. Use this as an opportunity to show your children that people of all ages need a little help and a smile.

If you have a senior in your neighborhood, consider reaching out to help with their home. Maybe they have maintenance issues or could use some aging in place upgrades. By lending a hand, you could effectively help improve their home’s value, which is important if they decide to downsize or transition to senior living.

Help the Less Fortunate

You might be surprised by just how many homeless shelters are nearby, and this is a great way for your family to help the homeless in your community who are struggling. The most common service project would be to volunteer at a local shelter by distributing clothes and serving meals. Donation is a great project too, and your family can work together to garner community involvement.

Let the kids make posters advertising the donation drive and help with the sorting. Go through your home and gather clothes, toys, and household goods that you no longer use. You can also donate directly to the homeless by creating a gift basket with toiletries, gift cards, or bus tokens.

Give a Family a Home

We often take the roof over our head for granted, so why not pass on the gratitude by helping to build a home for someone who wouldn’t have one otherwise? Habitat for Humanity is a wonderful organization to get involved with as a family. Not only will you work together as a team, but alongside other community members with the same volunteer mindset. You are involved from the ground breaking all the way to the moment the homeowner is given the keys.

Start Your Own Nonprofit

Once you have some volunteer experience under your belt, you may find that there is a cause in your community that is especially close to your heart, including youth sports-related nonprofits. If it isn’t already being addressed by another organization, you might want to consider starting your own nonprofit. Before you get going, know that it takes more than a good heart to successfully start a nonprofit.

First, you’ll need help with the business side of things. Consider enlisting the help of a formation service, which can help you form your nonprofit. You might also need to apply for grants to help address the issue at the heart of your nonprofit. Learn more about that process here

Volunteer opportunities are everywhere—it’s simply a matter of getting started. Sit down with your family and discuss ideas for a fun, late summer family service project. You’ll enjoy seeing the smile you bring to others and grow as a family too.

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